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Adnams Tally-Ho Dark Ale

3,80 €
Marke: Adnams, UK
Alkoholgehalt: Alk. 7,2% vol
Zutaten: Wasser, GERSTENMALZ, Hopfen, Hefe
Bierstil: Barley Wine
Hopfen: n.a.
Inhalt: 0,33 l
11,52 € / Preis pro Liter

The Adnams Brewery was bought back in 1872 by George and Ernest Adams, when the Brewery was known as The Sole Bay Brewery. Since the company was incorporated in 1890, it has remained one of the UK’s most successful independent breweries. Adnams produces a range of great beers along with gin, vodka and whiskey through their Copper House Distillery. Adnams Tally-Ho is the original winter warmer! A barley wine brewed to a nineteenth century recipe it is sweet, heart warming and rich. Watch out though, Adnams Tally-Ho has a kick like a drayman’s horse!

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